Monthly Rates & Show Fees


Board & Training: $1,600
Hauling: $0.85/Mile

     Setup Fee: $480.00 Includes Show Blankets, Sheet, Slinky, Show Halter, and Stall Bag

Day fees: $50 Per Day

Cart Fee: $200

Show Saddle Fee: Western: $250, English: $100

Late fees: $50

Additional Fees including hotel, meals, tack stalls, sponsorships, parking and labor will be split among all horses attending the show.

      $3,000 World Show Flat Rate* 

*World Show Flat Rate: Applies to World and National Shows held in Fort Worth. This fee includes stall, tack stall, shavings, set up, day fees, meals, lodging, stall cleaning, additional lessons/assistance, and hauling.

Braiding, banding, and stall mats will be additional expenses.


All horses bought or sold through 2L Performance Horses will be charged a 10% commission of the purchase price.

Show Winnings & Prizes


Futurity Winnings: Will be split between rider/trainer and owner after the entry fee has been subtracted.

Prizes: Shall be split between owner and rider/trainer or a duplicate will be provided to 2L Performance Horses.